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Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

While the word glamping sounds like a mistake, many Oklahomans might argue with that assessment. A portmanteau from “glamorous camping,” this luxurious form of getting into nature is an amped-up version of tents and sleeping bags. Many glamping destinations, from France to Colombia, promote beautiful sunsets and lakes in exotic locations … while not really roughing it at all. If you...

Into the Wild … with Caution

Oklahoma’s varied topography lends itself to an array of outdoor activities, but it’s hard to get more primative than simply throwing on a backpack, outfitting yourself with only a tent and a few necessities, and hitting the trail … or at least driving to one of the many campgrounds through the state. Summertime camping is a challenge because of the...

Land of the Long White Cloud

If you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings films, then you already know New Zealand is a place of stunning beauty and mystery. About as far away from Oklahoma as you can get, Aotearoa – Maori for the Land of the Long White Cloud – is the perfect place to feel like you’re in a completely new world. New Zealand...