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Getting Stitched

If you seek a quirky joint for exotic coffee, tea and food, try the warm, inviting Stitch in the heart of Oklahoma City. “We believe that a café isn’t just one dimensional,” says Chad Grubbs, who owns the store with his wife, Jen Semmler Grubbs. “It is about meeting all the needs of the day.” Walking into Stitch, you notice that...

Coffee Slingers Roasters

Serving coffee from Guatemala and El Salvador, Coffee Slingers Roasters pays meticulous attention to the craft of turning “something unpalatable into a deliciously aromatic beverage,” as the company says on its website. Don’t look for extremely dark brews at Coffee Slingers because, as the baristas say, over-roasting kills nuanced flavors in the beans. Instead, find expertise and blended choices,...

Brewing a New Medium

For Tulsa native Karen Eland, coffee is more than a pick-me-up in the morning; it’s part of her unique art. Eland, who resides in Oregon, paints with coffee. Her journey with this unusual medium began several years ago, when she patronized Nordaggio’s Coffee in south Tulsa. “I was painting a watercolor while sitting at the bar, where I could watch the...