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A Hankering for Hickory

Pecans have been part of the fabric of Oklahoma since the state’s beginning ... and even before. The official Oklahoma state meal includes pecan pie as dessert, after all. But well before anyone was making pecans into pie, this species of hickory was nourishing the Indigenous people of the area and growing wild in this – their native habitat. “Pecans...

Travels to a Hidden Kitchen

In the morning, Carla Grogg drives south on Mingo Road in Tulsa. She turns east at a taco shop, passes two small strip malls, a golf shop and a school built like a fortress, and turns left through a gate. Past it, she is in the hidden world of a miniature farm, a tiny fruit orchard, a buzzing apiary and,...

An Unusual Ambassador

    Nestled in northeastern Oklahoma, an unforgettable, almost magical farm cultivates and cares for some of nature’s most beautiful creatures – butterflies. The Euchee Butterfly Farm just outside Bixby does more than care for these captivating insects; it makes an ecological and economic impact on the state. “As a butterfly farm, our main goal is to raise healthy, disease-free butterflies that can...