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A Variety of Options

In conjunction with the Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission’s commemoration events, Tulsa Opera presents Greenwood Overcomes on May 1-2 at the Tulsa PAC. Celebrated Black composers and opera stars take the stage to honor the resilience of Black Tulsans and Black Americans around the country. Signature Symphony continues its virtual offerings with Chamber Music Concert #9 on May 7....

The Tulsa Race Massacre: A Retrospective

Perhaps the ugliest, largest and most shameful blot on Oklahoma’s history is the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921. And until recently, it was an event largely swept under the rug, or – at best – wildly downplayed, essentially rewritten to fit a racist agenda. The event was halted from rising to the forefront of discussions about our state’s history. In the last Few Years, things have changed. Conversations have shifted. Finally, a horrible event is being presented factually. The truth has been brought to the light. Motivations have morphed into education, into reconciliation, into healing. In this retrospective, we take a look at Oklahoma’s burgeoning all-Black communities prior to the massacre; the event and its aftermath; the evolving education surrounding the Massacre; the Flourishing Greenwood District as it stands today; and the Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission and its hopes for a better, more united Tulsa.

A Notable Legacy

FiveMoments that Changed Musical History There’s a fundamental question about whether Oklahoma is musically different from any other state. Maybe people in Springfield, Missouri, or Little Rock, Arkansas, or, say, Bangor, Maine, also feel that their homegrown artists deserve more respect than they’ve received. Regardless, one assertion has been made hundreds or thousands of times, especially by people familiar with Tulsa’s...

Mixed-Use Mastery

A gleaming new building adjacent to ONEOK Field has brought a different type of retail and commercial space to downtown Tulsa. The officers of Vast Bank wanted “to do something for the city and, at the same time, get ourselves a new headquarters,” says Doug DeJarnette, a senior vice president and the director of commercial and private banking with...