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Getting Festive Across the State

Planning and teamwork Oklahomans work diligently well before the holidays to ensure festive activities and performances abound. One product of such teamwork is The Christmas Show, a Broadway-style production in Oklahoma City. “A year in advance, our music director and show director begin planning a new production,” says...

Influential Women In History

Amelia Earhart The first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, Amelia Earhart’s aviation feats made her a 1930s “Queen of the Air” celebrity until disappearing in an around-the-world flight attempt. Anne Frank The story of Anne Frank hiding from Nazis during the Holocaust lives on in words she left behind. Concealed with her family until discovery two year later, all...

Go Green

Irish or not, you can enjoy a pot o’ St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Oklahoma’s metropolitan areas. If you want to celebrate with some pints in Tulsa, visit McNellie’s, Kilkenny’s or Arnie’s on March 17 for green beverages and Irish grub. For a family-friendly day, head to Guthrie Green for the Tulsa Irish Festival on March 15-16, or try the...