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Putting in the Work

It’s 5 a.m. and Tulsa’s downtown lies deserted. On most days, however, if you walk past the Tulsa Club – an Art Deco landmark that Architectural Digest recently called lavish, swanky and dazzling – you see a light on. Jacque Siegfried, executive chef of the Chamber restaurant, is preparing for the daily brunch. “Cleaning a salmon, cutting onions for 45...

Ayuh, Get the Lobstah

Get some fresh Maine lobster, straight from the cold waters of the North Atlantic, add melted butter and you have the recognized king of seafood. Just as we go to New Orleans for gumbo and Philadelphia for cheesesteak, it’s only right to go to Maine for lobster. And when GetMaineLobster.com offers a tour of Portland and its environs at a...

A Village Mindset

Through a tiny door near Elgin Street, past a bar area full of people waiting for a table, past the open kitchen where chefs deftly cook lobster boils and plate New Orleans-style po’boys is a huge, high-ceilinged space bustling like a carnival, full of happy families eating. Ask them if they’ve ever tasted fresher lobster and chances are you won’t...