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Jinya Ramen Bar

Ramen enthusiasts know it’s all about the noodles ... and especially the broth. At Jinya Ramen Bar in downtown Tulsa, the expert approach is the in-house, slow-cooking of six signature broths by simmering for 20 hours to achieve that depth of flavor found in contemporary Japanese cuisine. Blending flavors of classic ingredients such as miso, dashi, kombu and bonito...

Planning Your Week

With a new year comes new resolutions – and a common one is a commitment to healthier eating. It’s obvious to most that planning ahead can be an effective tool when it comes to what we consume in a day. Even so, a few tips from a professional dietitian can help the process go more smoothly as you venture into...

Cherry Street Kitchen

She made crepes when she was ten, and she never left for school until she’d watched the early morning cooking shows.  “Cooking has always been in my blood,” says Jen Lindsay, owner of Cherry Street Kitchen. Her mother was friends with Ruth Young, and that’s how she came to be a server at Young’s legendary Queenie’s. She yearned to be...