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A Look Inside Wounded Knee

Before the 1973 siege at Wounded Knee, Native Americans had “to live the lie, and put their ‘Indian-ness’ away,” says Richard Ray Whitman, an Oklahoma City resident who traveled to South Dakota soon after the occupation began and stayed until a cease-fire agreement was reached. The occupation – led by 200 Oglala Lakota...

Warriors’ Circle of Honor

El Reno native Harvey Pratt, honored by his tribe and law-enforcement agencies across the country, didn’t think his work as a display and forensic artist was worthy of something as hallowed as the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian. Cheyenne and Arapaho artist Harvey Pratt's law enforcement career spans over...

Tenacity, Pecans and Cowboy Hats

The grit and gumption of two Alabamans displaced by the Civil War continues with their southern Oklahoma descendants, whose heart-healthy products have a global following. Dan Hamilton, his sons Mark and Paul and grandson Jacob run a pair of Johnson County businesses – Tri-Agri Farm Center and Native American Specialty Products – that...

A Convoluted Past

Generations of Oklahoma school children dress in prairie duds every spring to commemorate the Land Rush of 1889 … from the perspective of non-Native American settlers. But with the 130th anniversary of the April 22 opening of Unassigned Lands in Indian Territory, historians examine long-term impacts of that and other historical developments affecting tribal sovereignty. “People focus on the Land Run,”...

A New Year’s Powwow

The 18th annual New Year’s Eve Sobriety Powwow kicks off at the Muskogee Civic Center at 1 p.m. with traditional Native American ground dancing until 5 p.m., followed by gourd dancing, singing, games, raffles and contests – until the countdown just before midnight to welcome in the new year. This alcohol-free, Native American-focused event showcases traditional music, drums, costumes and...