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Bigger Family, Bigger Renovation

Photography by Nathan Harmon A well-known architect has taken a traditional Tulsa house built in the 1930s and transformed it into a picture perfect residence fit for a family. Mark Nelson adapted this two-story home in the Bren-Rose neighborhood by increasing its size from 3,400 square feet to 3,900 square feet and creating subtle alterations that make a big impact. Renovations seem...

Transforming Your Home

Turning ideas and desires into a reality requires taking the renovation plunge … either by yourself or with the help of an expert in the field. Planning keeps goals in mind throughout the process. Sometimes you want to do just a little … a small project here or there. At other times, especially if you don’t have to worry about...

Second Time’s the Charm

If one renovation is good for a home, two must make it perfect. Carolyn Fielder Nierenberg, an interior designer with Campbell Designs, renovated this midtown, two-story Tulsa home eight years ago. Built in the 1930s, the house needed a master suite and a large utility-laundry room. That remodel included fresh paint on the stairway, enlarging the garage, and adding a...

A Sky-High Revitalization

The Summit Club’s long-planned $8 million renovation is a serendipitous boon for downtown Tulsa’s recent dining, living and entertainment renaissance. The redesign of the club, perched on the top three floors of the 32-story Bank of America Center, began in January and reflects the transformation of Tulsa from Oil Capital of the World to a lifestyle destination. Jared Jordan, Summit’s general...

Organized Transformation

Remodeling, renovation, renewal … whatever R-word you use to describe transforming any area of your home, the process is not easy. In Stillwater, I turned a shabby, L-shaped back porch into an inviting office. In a more contemporary home, I took a barren rear garden and added a spacious new living/entertaining area, including a full bathroom, an office and a...

An Inviting Renovation

When an unknown architect designed a particular home in midtown Tulsa in 1957, he couldn’t have predicted it would go through a magnificent transformation 61 years later. It’s doubtful now that he would even recognize the home’s interior from its original blueprint. When empty-nesters who love to entertain asked Kurt Barron of Barron and McClary General Contractors to look at the...