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The Next Big Move

The ‘Pros’ Abound When you or a loved one approaches or reaches the golden years, lots of challenges may present themselves. These challenges make you consider what the next step of life looks like. But where do you go for information about retirement communities? And how do you make those really tough choices? While aging in place may seem appealing, keep...

Active Years

Exercise: the Antidote to Aging Balance and connection make life sweet, and as we begin to age, this truth becomes even more important. Older adults need a unique symmetry of movement, nutrition, community and care to make their golden years some of the best. One way to address several of these needs at once is to stay active. But what kinds...

The Sky Isn’t the Limit

Phyllis Gardner has changed her mind about a few activities since going to live at Inverness Village, a retirement community in Tulsa. “I made fun of yoga before I came here,” she says. “Now, I recruit people all the time to come to our class. It’s amazing how much that class can make you feel better for days afterward.” Nursing homes...