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Preparing for the Golden Years

Navigating life as a senior means making lifestyle adjustments and future plans. With preparation and some advice, seniors can live their third acts to the fullest.

Redefining Youth

Jack Freese Attorney – Freese & March Tulsa attorney Jack Freese looks for the good in everyone. Stories about the seminal moments of his life are told with dry wit and a touch of drama. And gratitude is his middle name. “While we meet a lot of people who are angry, upset or out of sorts, the practice of law has brought...

The Sky Isn’t the Limit

Phyllis Gardner has changed her mind about a few activities since going to live at Inverness Village, a retirement community in Tulsa. “I made fun of yoga before I came here,” she says. “Now, I recruit people all the time to come to our class. It’s amazing how much that class can make you feel better for days afterward.” Nursing homes...