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A Food Lover’s Guide to Oklahoma

By Brian Schwartz and Amanda Simcoe .ugb-047f187 > .ugb-inner-block > .ugb-block-content > .ugb-columns__item{grid-template-columns:3.00fr 1.00fr !important}.ugb-047f187.ugb-columns{min-height:920px;background-color:#fcb900;background-position:bottom center;background-size:cover}.ugb-047f187.ugb-columns:before{background-image:linear-gradient(90deg,#fcb900 0%,#ffffff 100%)}@media screen and (min-width:768px){.ugb-047f187.ugb-columns{margin-top:89px !important}}@media screen and (-ms-high-contrast:active),screen and (-ms-high-contrast:none){.ugb-047f187.ugb-columns{height:920px}} Veal chops  Polo Grill, Tulsa This rich, hearty dish with asparagus risotto and mushrooms satisfies with its lovely balance of flavors. “The wild mushrooms yield an earthy umami,” says chef Omar Galban, “and the freshness of...

A Graceful Balancing Act

His tale is mesmerizing … idyllic. “I grew up in Manitou Springs, Colorado, right by Pikes Peak, but my best memories are summers at my grandparents’ Rhode Island farm. Me and my brother would spend the days tending the vegetable garden, picking the berries that grew all over. We’d eat half what we picked, and my grandma made the rest...