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A Little of Everything

In Theaters As of this writing, it appears movie theaters are back in business, albeit at a smaller capacity and socially distanced. With that in mind, November has two big films coming to the silver screen with the hopes of pulling audience members back into the recliners, popcorn and soda in hand. First, there’s the new James Bond film No...

Where the Quips Come Quick

The comedy series Whose Line Is It Anyway? has familiarized American and British TV viewers with improvisational theater over the years. For an in-person experience, you can find equally quick wits and responses at improv shows in Oklahoma’s largest cities. Usually, the TV show is driven by a suggestion. For example: “What’s really going through the president’s mind during cabinet meetings?” “‘There...

Nearly Seven Decades of Laughs

Every Saturday at Tulsa’s Spotlight Theatre, you can catch the longest-running play in the United States – The Drunkard. The family-friendly production opened Nov. 14, 1953, and shows no signs of slowing down. Stage manager Jere Uncapher, a part of the Spotlight since 1957, says the show’s long-term success comes from patrons. “We have continued our run for 66 years by...

A City of Sensations

“Chicagoans love their city” is a pervasive impression one gets when visiting America’s third-largest burg. Throngs of people enjoy, celebrate and participate in their energetic metropolis. Walkable highlights include downtown amid the skyscrapers, the streets beside and over the Chicago River, and nearby Lake Michigan, which creates a massive backdrop for the city. Chicagoans create a “happy hour” that lasts...