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Emma Elle’s Italian Kitchen

Travel to far west Oklahoma City, and you’ll find Emma Elle’s Italian Kitchen, serving authentic Italian food and wood-fired, Neapolitan-inspired pizzas. But it’s not just the food that makes this little gem of a restaurant special – it’s also their commitment to supporting the community. Owner Cameron Wilson used his love of pizza as inspiration to create an Italian eatery...

A Fruitful Team Effort

There’s a grand, old rambling house nestled in verdant, sunny woods not far from Philadelphia. That’s where Ian Van Anglen’s grandparents live. “One of my earliest memories takes place there,” Van Anglen says. “My dad put me in a high chair next to a stockpot and told me, ‘Stir! Don’t stop stirring!’ I later found out it was Cajun roux....

A Graceful Balancing Act

His tale is mesmerizing … idyllic. “I grew up in Manitou Springs, Colorado, right by Pikes Peak, but my best memories are summers at my grandparents’ Rhode Island farm. Me and my brother would spend the days tending the vegetable garden, picking the berries that grew all over. We’d eat half what we picked, and my grandma made the rest...