[dropcap]Cauliflower[/dropcap], contrary to popular belief, isn’t just broccoli’s albino sibling. Did you know that this underrated vegetable comes in three other colors? Green, purple and orange varities of cauliflower may be less widespread, but they’re equally (if not more) nutrious and delicious.

Green cauliflower, known as broccoflower, is essentially white cauliflower’s green twin – sweet, nutty and simple.

Purple cauliflower gets its color from the antioxidant anthocyanin, found also in red cabbage and red wine. Although it tastes similar to white cauliflower, it’s slightly sweeter and nuttier – and it brings more vibrant colors to your dinner table.

Orange cauliflower is caused by a genetic mutation, but one that’s less disturbing and more delicious. It offers 25 percent more vitamin A than its white counterpart. Discovered in 1970, this group of cauliflower is fairly new. Although it’s called the cheddar cauliflower, it (sadly) doesn’t taste anything like cheese – but feel free to melt cheese on it yourself.

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