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Located in the heart of OKC’s Plaza District, the Press offers reimagined classics with an atmosphere that’s anything but forgettable. With an extensive menu, including gluten free and vegan options, the Press fits the bill for delicious American food, made right.

The main menu features classic bar appetizers like nachos and larger-than-life mozzarella sticks, while also including Okie favorites like Cowboy Caviar. 

Their “Main Thangs” scream southern comfort, with dishes including chicken fried ribeye, meatloaf, pot roast and fry bread tacos. Not to mention, there are a variety of different tasty sandwiches like the Dagwood (with dijon mustard, mayo, cheddar, provolone, ham, turkey, bacon and all the toppings), the vegan Sloppy Joe, and the Theta-ish burger, with mayo, bacon, BBQ sauce, cheddar, pickles and shoestring onions. Buffalo mac and cheese, the mashed potato bowl, chili, pork belly bowl and shrimp and grits are other popular choices.

If you’re looking for a lighter meal, the Press has a variety of salads, including the Cobb, Southwest, and grilled Caesar. 

In addition, the restaurant has a killer brunch menu, including chorizo breakfast tacos, breakfast hash, pancakes and of course, boozy brunch drinks to start your day with a kick. 

You’ll never get thirsty at the Press, as the restaurant has a full bar with a variety of different beers, cocktails and wines. Popular libations include the Oklahoma Lemonade, with bourbon, amaretto, peach lemonade, lemon, cherry and a gummy, and the Happy Happy Joy Joy, replete with lemon vodka, cappelletti, orange bitters, pineapple and cranberry juice, plus sparkling rosé.

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