Photo by Brent Fuchs
Photo by Brent Fuchs

[dropcap]Think[/dropcap] of Spudology as an advanced placement class in baked potatoes, but there’s good news – cramming for the test is going to taste pretty great.

Oklahoma City’s top-of-the-line potato bar offers a crash course in the infinite flavor combinations that one vegetable can bear. Space lovers will enjoy the Astronomy spud with shrimp, onions, carrots and bell pepper, while fans of Italian fare should try the Earth Science with marinara, three cheeses and pepperoni. Eco-friendly eaters might want to order the Environmental Science, topped with broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. To mix it up, go for the Anatomy and Physiology, a sweet potato topped with cinnamon and butter. Spuds not your thing? Well, you’re weird, but there are plenty of options for your kind of crazy, including sliders with an assortment of meaty choices and brisket or rib tip dinners with fixings. But Spudology isn’t just for students of serious eats – teachers get a 20 percent discount on Thursdays. Drop what you’re doing like a hot potato and go there.

Spudology is at 6241 N.W. Expressway in Oklahoma City. For menus and other information, visit

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