Tucked away behind a swath of local eateries along 23rd Street, Guernsey Park isn’t necessarily hidden, but a few wrong turns are de rigueur in finding this new gem. An Asian fusion restaurant helmed by local chef Vuong Nguyen, who trained under Chef Kurt Fleischfresser in The Coach House Apprenticeship Program, Guernsey Park marries the traditional flavors of Asian cuisine with accessible food: think Chinese five-spice chicken legs served with mashed potatoes and oxtail ravioli. Curry salmon, sauerkraut fried rice and seared scallops are popular menu items. Guernsey Park also offers traditional Asian dishes with a distinct, gourmet spin. The Thit Kho Tau, a pork-and-egg dish that is traditionally braised in a caramel sauce and served with white rice, is given a modern makeover, the dish deconstructed and served with pickled vegetable garnish. The flavors perfectly represent Guernsey Park: bright, unexpected and fearless. 2418 N. Guernsey Ave., Oklahoma City. 405.605.5272

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