The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art unveils a significant new addition to its collection on Sept. 22 with two new exhibits highlighting the work of American Indian artists, including Fred Kabotie, Awa Tsireh, Joe Herrera, Jerome Tiger, Helen Hardin and many others. The James T. Bialac Native American Art Collection: Selected Works and Indigenous Aesthetics: Selections from the James T. Bialac Native American Art Collection are but a portion of the 4,000 works gifted to the University of Oklahoma museum by James T. Bialac of Arizona. It’s considered one of the most important private collections of indigenous art amassed. Both exhibits run through Dec. 30. Opening weekend will include complimentary admission on Sept. 22 and artist demonstrations scheduled for Sept. 23 along with special dance performances. The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History on the OU campus will open an additional exhibit of works from the collection on Oct. 5.

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