When the name of your butchery is something as primal, as perfunctory as The Meat House, expectations are high. Steaks, sausages, artisan and exotic meats should be the status quo. And at the newest butcher and grocery store in the Oklahoma City area, those items certainly are. Steaks cut to order; specialty, $18-per-pound bacon; duck and rattlesnake are just a few staples in the cases at The Meat House. And, when possible, meats are provided by local farms and ranches, ensuring high quality. Areas devoted to fresh produce, delicious marinades and spices mean The Meat House is a throwback to days when your local, neighborhood grocer could offer everything you need to make a delicious meal for your family. For those who are looking for a quick fix, The Meat House also offers prepared meals for take out, and the grocery’s website offers meats for sale online. 2249 W. Danforth Rd., Edmond. www.themeathouse.com

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