It’s rare to find an onion burger north of El Reno – home to the world-famous Fried Onion Burger Day – that can live up to the reputation touted by these culinary wonders. Onions cooked on a flat-top grill are pressed into a thin burger patty, injecting an oniony, juicy, other-worldly flavor into a simple burger. The trend began in western Oklahoma in the 1920s, when cafes looked to stretch a buck and supplement the beef in their burgers with “fillers.” But never has a filler been so delicious as the onion in onion-fried burgers.

At Tucker’s, these Oklahoma-style onion burgers are sold simply and deliciously. Made with Angus beef, bugers are sold as single, double or the namesake, the Mother Tucker: a triple-beef-and-onion-on-a-bun creation. Add an order of fresh-cut fries and a hand-dipped shake, and you’ve got a diner meal done right. 324 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City.

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