Oct. 26-28

Tulsa Ballet is known for its exquisite beauty, remarkable art and athleticism, but on this month, on this very weekend, the ballet changes into a monster. Two year’s ago, Dracula opened to massive praise from critics and audiences who packed the theater for a look at the count and his mythic world. They loved it, from the gothic costumes and ghoulish make-up to the rigging that made His Fanginess fly across the stage and the Franz Liszt’s darkly dramatic score. Blood sucking was never so lovely. Dracula is back for three performances once again at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Third Street and Cincinnati Avenue. Since this will be principal dancer Alfonso Martin’s final season with Tulsa Ballet before retiring from dancing, this will be the last time to see him in his dashing turn as the vampire’s vampire. Go to www.tulsaballet.org for more.

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