For many, the thought of a bride walking down the aisle sans veil just won’t do. Bridal veils are part and parcel of our traditional image of a bride. Veils are actually an ancient wedding accessory once used to protect the bride from evil spirits or, in some cultures, keep the groom from bolting at the sight of a bride he’d never seen before. Regardless, the choice to wear a veil or not is now up to the bride and as horrifying as it may be to grandma, many are saying goodbye to the netting.

This trend is making way for an entirely new assortment of hair accessories that are often worn in lieu of a veil. Brides are choosing eye-catching barrettes, combs, headbands and tiaras, and some are even repurposing family heirloom jewelry and other ornaments into one-of-kind headpieces that add special meaning to the ceremony. Even if you do opt for a veil, many of these pieces may still flatter your ensemble or top off your look after the veil has been tossed for the reception.

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