Forget the notion of eating a waffle topped with just butter and syrup, and forget about eating it with a fork and knife. Waffle Champion is revolutionizing the waffle world by wrapping their delicious, gridded cakes around fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs and confections, sometimes in common-sensical combinations, such as a ham, egg and cheese waffle, and sometimes in zany ways, like the curried beef and sweet potato. Of course, there are myriad combinations of sweet waffles topped with fruit, whipped cream and other accouterment, but that seems boring compared to a waffle stuffed with corned beef, Swiss cheese and homemade sauerkraut and topped with Thousand Island dressing, Reuben sandwich-style. Waffle Champion operates out of a food truck and uses its mobility to be seen at some of Oklahoma City’s highest-profile events, including at Oklahoma City Thunder games. They also cater to a late-night crowd. Menu changes monthly. Find out where they’re parked by following them on Twitter, @wafflechampion. 405.525.9235

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