The Breakfast Sandwich Option 2

Foolish Things Coffee Company
Coffee shops are popping up in downtown Tulsa like tulips in springtime. Not that we’re complaining; coffee shops are like snow flakes: Each one is unique and brings something different to the table. At Foolish Things, business people and students from nearby TCC co-mingle and enjoy the eatery’s coffee drinks as well as a simple but flavorful menu. Think ingredients on fresh bread and crisp salads with complementing dressings; think “brain food.” The Option 2 on Foolish Things’ menu is a stack of egg, fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato and spinach between an English muffin. What a pleasant way to start the day. 1001 S. Main St., Tulsa.

Tea and Pastry

T,  An Urban Teahouse
Tea has been around for thousands of years. The drink of both royalty and commoners, it’s a unifying force that comes in a variety of options. At T, one may find just about any type of tea desired. Owner Kristy Jennings has scoured the globe to bring the best back to her shop in Oklahoma City, and indeed she has. From Chai and black teas to green, white, herbal and oolong teas, there’s tons to choose from. Loose-leaf teas are ready for purchase, or you can enjoy a cup of tea steeped in-house with a few of T’s delectable pastries. Consider it a scaled-down version of high tea. 7518 N. May, Suite D, Oklahoma City.

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