The Fatty

BurnCo. BBQ
When you hear talk of rolling up a fatty, it’s usually not associated with a culinary technique. But when Adam Myers, co-owner of BurnCo. BBQ, uses the phrase, it’s in regards to one of the restaurant’s most popular dish. The aptly titled fatty is a massive roll of meat – smoked sausage, hot links and brats wrapped in sausage, then wrapped in bacon and smoked. It’s cut and served on a sandwich with a healthy portion of BurnCo’s barbecue sauce. Heart-healthy? Not exactly, but it’s definitely worth a try. Insider’s note: come early. BurnCo. is only open for lunch and regularly sells out of most everything – especially the fatty – very quickly. 3208 E. 11th St., Tulsa. 918.574.2777

Poncho Dog

Mutt’s Amazing Dogs
In the Oklahoma food scene, you can find just about anything: fried avocado taco, a bulgogi gyro mash-up, even meatloaf cupcakes. There are countless eateries that devote themselves to a specific food niche, so it should be no surprise that there is a restaurant specializing in that most ballpark of American foods: the hot dog. Mutt’s Amazing Hot Dogs definitely lives up to its name, topping dogs with everything from grilled onions and queso to peppers of all heat levels. The Poncho Dog, a bacon-wrapped dog rolled in a tortilla along with cheese, Dijon mayo, onions and poblano then given a toast on the flattop grill. It’s definitely not a traditional mustard-and-ketchup dog, but who would want something so vanilla when you could have Poncho? 1400 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City.

Anatomy of a Fatty

See how BurnCo. BBQ makes its most famous concoction.

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