Brookside By Day
BBD is a Tulsa staple for leisurely breakfast or brunches on the weekends as well as quick meals during the week. But now the mainstay is open for three meals a day, Tuesday through Friday. Any item from the breakfast or lunch menu is available for order, as well as a few chalkboard specials offered. Everything from chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes, veggies and Texas toast, to soups and salads, even omelets – BBD can quench the diner cravings, now, at any time of day. 3313 S. Peoria, Tulsa. www.brooksidebyday.com

Bulgogi Gyro

Deciding what to eat for lunch can be burdensome. Do you want Mexican or Italian? Chinese or Indian? Greek or Korean? If the latter is your predicament, you’re in luck; just head to Foodies, a small lunchtime eatery in Oklahoma City’s Midtown area that is serving amped-up Asian cuisine to hungry crowds. A favorite is the Bulgogi Gyro, a mash-up that combines the succulent meat of Korean barbecue and that Greek classic that is marked by a pita wrapped around meat, vegetables and tzatziki sauce. The sweet meat combined with savory sauce makes this a winner, for lunch or dinner. 1220 N. Hudson, Oklahoma City. 405.235.1111

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