High Tea

Nibbles Cafe
Pretty petits fours, crustless finger sandwiches and other fancy-schmancy accouterment are traditionally served at high tea, a ceremony that for years has been as synonymous with British culture as the Union Jack and “Keep Calm And Carry On.” Nibbles, a Tulsa eatery, offers its own version of high tea each day. Fresh-baked scones with clotted cream, tea sandwiches, desserts and quiche accompany the tea, served in delicate cups with saucers. The perfect outing for a children’s party, a mother-daughter date or some adult time, Nibbles’ tea is a great excuse to don the fanciest frocks and indulge in an afternoon tradition. 8313 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa. www.grandeuraffaires.com


Cuppies & Joe
Next to the vibrant wrapping paper on a gift and the jolly laugh of Old Saint Nick, baked treats are the most ubiquitous symbol of Christmas. Pies are always nice, as are cookies and sweet breads. Ribbon candy, peanut brittle, those little gummy slices of sugar crusted orange, sure. But what about the cake, of late? What says, “Happy holidays” more than a delicious, individual sized cake? That, of course, is Cuppies & Joe’s bread and butter. Sweet, complexly flavorful cupcakes made in a wide variety of flavors provide myriad opportunities to spread holiday cheer. Drop by to order cupcakes individually or by the dozen. Or, if you need a break from all that holiday shopping, enjoy a cupcake and a steaming cup of coffee to bring a little relaxation to the holidays. 727 NW 23rd St., Oklahoma City. www.cuppiesandjoe.com

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