Pad See Ew

Lemongrass Thai

Thai food is a favorite at Oklahoma Magazine. Complex flavor profiles and unexpected pairings delight decidedly North American palettes. And while the motto is often, “The More Adventurous, The Better,” it’s the staples of Thai food – think curries and noodle dishes – that give us pause and reason to thank those proprietors who make Thai dishes for the Okie masses. At Lemongrass Thai, there are many dishes worth trying; Chicken Satay, Tom Kha soup and a very traditional Pad Thai are all delicious in their own rites. But it’s a lesser-known cousin to the famous Pad Thai, the Pad See Ew, that gets our mouths watering. A blend of noodles, broccoli, mushrooms and egg in that sweet-yet-umami sauce, served with a choice of protein and heavily spiced with garlic, keeps us coming back for more. 253 S. Santa Fe, Edmond.


El Rio Verde

A mix of seafood, onion, pepper, vegetables and herbs tossed in a citrusy marinade and served cold, often with avocado and a frosty beer, ceviche is a summer staple in the steamy Oklahoma months. El Rio Verde, a small hole-in-the-wall eatery perhaps more widely known for its massive wet burritos, produces some of the best ceviche in Tulsa. Light and fresh, packed with shellfish and flaky whitefish, it’s the perfect summer fare. 38 N. Trenton, Tulsa. 918.592.2555

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