My Thai Kitchen

The farther one is away from the homeland of an ethnic cuisine, the less likely one is to get a taste of food the way it is supposed to taste, usually. Fortunately, My Thai doesn’t cook “down” to its guests. Instead they perfectly balance tastes emerging from Thai staples such as Thai basil, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chilis, fish sauce and coconut milk. The result is a sizable menu with many dishes permitting diners to choose a preparation and a protein to feature. Red and green curries leave some diners seriously wanting to lick their plates clean; the Steam Fish in Thai Herbs shows a masterful hand with seafood; and a Panang beef (or chicken) is one of many good options for those who don’t want any heat at all in their dish. 3023 S. Harvard, Tulsa. 918.794.7093

Big Al’s Healthy Foods

The arrival of the holiday season can have lunchers longing for something on the lighter side. Like, say, a delicious wrap containing avocado and turkey, or a homemade soup with healthy ingredients. Let Big Al’s feed you, then. With today’s emphasis on healthy, clean eating, Big Al’s has never been more relevant in its more than 30 years in operation. Sandwiches, salads, panini, wraps, smoothies – all can be found at the luncheon place in midtown Tulsa. Feeling frazzled? Try a Stress Relief Mix smoothie, which includes the juices of carrots, celery, red bell pepper, parsley and tomato. Or enjoy a warm bowl of soup. Some favorites at Big Al’s are spicy chicken enchilada, tomato basil, Italian wedding soup and hearty vegetable. 3303 E. 15th St., Tulsa. 918.744.5085

S & B’s Burger Joint

S & B’s is slinging burgers, sliders and beer that keep Oklahoma City patrons coming back for more. Most items on the menu can be ordered in slider or traditional burger form, but a few only come in mini format, including the Blue Philly, a slider topped with grilled rib eye, red onions, garlic and blue cheese. The Frenchman is a popular menu item, topped with mushrooms, swiss, fried onions and a French onion sauce. The Lava is topped with Cincinnati chili, sharp cheddar and onions, while the Columbian is an exotic choice, with a sea salt and coffee crusted patty served with smoked cheddar, lettuce, red onion, avocado and cilantro lime salsa. Fries, both French and sweet potato, are available, with an impressive selection of smothered fries. Embrace the season and try the Thanksgiving Fry, sweet potato fries topped with marshmallow cream, dried cranberries and chopped pecans. 5929 N. May Ave., Suite 106, Oklahoma City. 405.843.8777

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