Beef Jerky Emporium

Imagine a small store that offers exotic jerkies – alligator, salmon, turkey and buffalo included. Now imagine this store also offers some of the best traditional beef jerky around. Wouldn’t it be a thin slice of dried meat heaven? Beef Jerky Emporium offers all this and more, including sausages, meat rubs and dry seasonings, an assortment of cures and other snacks. Beef Jerky Emporium has three locations in the Oklahoma City area and also peddles its meat snacks online. 9346 N. May and 4405 SW 3rd St., Oklahoma City, and 810 W. Danforth Rd., Edmond.

Sonic Drive-In

We all know about Sonic’s juicy burgers and crispy French fries. We also know about their daily happy hour drink specials. But Sonic can now add another feather to its cap with the introduction of its new premium beef hot dogs. The plump, juicy franks are served inside warm buns and topped with condiments that reflect geographical areas of the United States: spicy mustard, sauerkraut and grilled onions on the New York Dog; pickle, relish, tomato, spicy peppers, celery salt and mustard on the Chicago Dog; ketchup, yellow mustard, relish and chopped onions on the All-American Dog; and of course, Sonic’s classic Chili Cheese Coney, topped with warm chili and melted cheddar cheese.

Duke’s Southern Kitchen

The taste of the South can take many different forms: fried chicken, grits, fried green tomatoes, Mint Juleps. At Duke’s you can enjoy all these tastes with gourmet flair. The signature fried chicken is cooked up in a cast iron skillet and served with mashed potatoes topped with bourbon cream gravy and green beans. The BBQ Salmon, served with cornbread panzanella salad with avocado and green tomato is a more sophisticated dish with a Southern twist. End the meal with a satisfying cocktail, such as a Mint Julep or an Old Fashioned, and you would swear you were sitting on the front porch of an antebellum home. 10441 S. Regal Blvd., Tulsa.

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