Queen of Sheba

This small storefront restaurant in northwest Oklahoma City houses flavors that originate in Ethiopia. Spicy stewed meats, lentils and injera – a yeast-risen flatbread with a spongy texture that’s traditional in the country – are menu staples at Queen of Sheba. And guess what? That delicious, yeasty, sour bread also serves as your eating utensil; no forks or knives here. For first-timers, try the Queen of Sheba platter, a nice sampler of Kay Watt (stewed beef), Yedir Watt (stewed chicken), Yesimir Watt (stewed lentils), Yebeg Alitcha (lamb), chickpeas, vegetables and a salad. Queen of Sheba also boasts a lot of vegetarian options. 2308 N. MacArthur Blvd., Oklahoma City. 405.606.8616.

Siegi’s Sausage Factory

For more than two decades, Siegi’s has set the bar high for German cuisine in Tulsa. Serving fresh sausages, schnitzel, sandwiches and spaetzle, the restaurant serves stick-to-your-ribs food that is both satisfying and full of bold flavor. Be sure to try a warm bowl of the spicy Hungarian Goulash, spiced with paprika and onions. There’s also the delicious Siegi’s Holzfeller, thinly smoked ham and swiss served between two potato pancakes with honey glaze. And, of course, too many fresh sausages to name can also be purchased, either by the pound in Siegi’s deli, or as part of an entrée, along with potato salad, sauerkraut and bread. 8104 S. Sheridan, Tulsa. www.siegis.com

Orange Leaf

Frozen yogurt is the kind of special treat that one may use to bribe children into doing their homework and chores. It’s also a dessert that adults can thoroughly enjoy. So it should be no surprise that Orange Leaf founder Reese Travis has seen tremendous success in marketing his frozen yogurt to cities across the country. With more than 90 locations, this Oklahoma-based dessertery offers decadent frozen yogurt flavors – such as mint chocolate, Coffee Lover and Red Velvet, along with healthier, fruit-based yogurts like honeydew, watermelon and blueberry. Choose your yogurt (feel free to mix flavors), pile on as many goodies as you would like from Orange Leaf’s toppings bar, weigh your creation and pay, then enjoy a summer treat that is refreshing and fun. Thirteen locations statewide. www.orangeleafyogurt.com

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