Sangria is a wine punch, historically credited to Spain and Portugal, and traditionally served at informal get-togethers. It’s never too late to begin your own tradition with refreshing, summery sangrias.

Most sangrias are made with red wine and different fruits, usually berries, limes, apples and peaches. A sweetener such as honey or orange juice is also added. The ingredients usually are chilled for an entire day, before ice is added and the sangria is served.

For those who want to experiment this summer, try some simple variations. If red wine is not a favorite, then use white wine to make sangria blanca. Changing the fruits can make a big difference too. If someone loves mango and pineapple, make a tropical sangria. If someone is allergic to berries, keep them out. Lower calorie sangria can be sweetened with agave nectar. 

For a stronger kick, add some brandy or rum. Some people may wish to add club soda for carbonation. Ginger ale provides spice and a sweeter flavor. Since alcohol content depends on what recipe you use, take care to enjoy safely. Above all, make enough for a summer party, or just for one on a patio.

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