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The Next Big Thing

Gracing the stages of New York City, Clea Alsip is Broadway’s fresh face. With credits including numerous theater roles – most recently in Sarah Ruhle’s...

Women Helping Others

According to a recent Center for American Progress report, no other state in the nation ranks as consistently bad as Oklahoma does. The report, “The...

Toasting The Arts

There’s a science to the art of winemaking. The scientific, technical side has been practiced for thousands of years – smash grapes and add yeast...

Nix The Quick Fix

We are an “on demand” culture. What we want, we want it fast, and we want it now. We also love food. Combine all of...

The Contender

One of the fastest growing sports worldwide, the UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship – began as a brutal, no-holds-barred sideshow experiment in 1993 and has...

Get Social To Get Fit

Smart phones, tablets, computers – much of the time we are sucked in, zoned out and mindlessly glued to them, disconnected from other people, going...

Enhance The Natural

Nyakio Kamoche Grieco draws inspiration from her past to enhance modern skin care.

Passing The Torch

The past and future keep the meaning of “Native” grounded in the present.

Beautiful New Heights

Phil Lakin is a champion for the city he loves.

New Wave

Flaming Lips manager Scott Booker helps open doors in the music industry.