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Wagging the Tale

Inspiration can come in many forms. Writers have found it in nature, and musicians have found it in art. In the case of Stacy Nyikos’...

Roping Pride

It’s not often that many Okies get a chance to see what daily life is like on a cattle ranch. Our state may be proud...

Dropping in on History

  Only a select group of people had the privilege of sitting in the living room of civil rights icon and Oklahoman Clara Luper, listening...

Transit Technology

For those who have ridden the city bus, it’s a common ritual: Standing at a bus stop, checking your watch, peering down the street hoping...

Building on a Dream

  It was healthy competition that drew Shannon Thomas into the world of bodybuilding. “I saw one of my old high school football buddies at...

Casting A Safety Net

Infant Crisis Services provides for babies in their hour of need.

Endangered Oklahoma

Endangered Oklahoma

Cowboy Clock Work

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology is home to one the world’s premier watchmaking programs.

Perfect Pearly Whites

Cosmetic dentists work to craft the perfect smile.

Hammering Away

Shirley Hammer has spent more than 20 years guiding her father’s legacy.