To call an event that involves the Flaming Lips a “block party” seems to underestimate its proportions, but when was the last time a Flaming Lips concert became nothing less than a celebration? This music festival, set for Aug. 6 in the Brady Village Arts District in downtown Tulsa, plays out at the corner of Cameron and Boulder; and, yes, it is an outdoor concert. Fans won’t even notice, however, with a line-up that includes Primus, Mute Math, Civil Twilight, AWOL Nation, Solid Gold, Particle, That 1 Guy and the Pretty Black Chains. It all leads up to the moment Lips’ ever-whimsical Wayne Coyne steps on stage and, perhaps, into his giant hamster ball amidst a shower of confetti above a craze of thrilled fans. A block party? Oh, yeah.

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