Lady Gaga recently made entertainment news after parting ways with Target stores over political contributions and gay rights. The corporation had financially backed politicians running on a platform opposing gay marriage. The pop artist disagreed, wanting Target to discontinue such support.

Fans were left without a Target-exclusive release of her new Born This Way album – at least, that’s how things looked. By the time of its scheduled May release, things will undoubtedly change. As with everything within the Haus of Gaga, the universe turns a little faster than usual, and every sight and sound is amped up beyond “acceptable” levels.

Lady Gaga makes us a little uneasy.

When a woman wears a dress made of shredded meat or glues pearls to her skin or covers half her face above a skimpy taped-up onesie, you can expect extreme opinions from the general public. People love her or love to tear at her for the same reason: Lady Gaga makes us a little uneasy.

How will Tulsa greet Gaga when she continues her mega Monster Ball Tour with a stop at the BOK Center, April 4? If her July reception at Oklahoma City’s Cox Convention Center is anything to go by, T-Town is about to go, well, ga-ga for the woman who is arguably the biggest music act in the world at the moment.

How can we help but get swept up in the masquerade, both beautiful and grotesque? How can we not be curious about her musicianship, displayed in crafted performances at piano.

Most importantly, how can those shoes be comfortable?

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