For millions of Americans captivated by the world of fashion, the elaborately dressed mannequins showcased inside store windows stand as a symbol of the display of garmented beauty.

Beyond the glass barrier, however, a select few individuals have the privilege of seeing those mannequins as the symbol of their garmented creation.

The balance of the fashion industry is quite simple. Many have the desire to wear beauty. Few have the ability to create it.

On April 16, the nation’s top independent accessories designer, Rebecca Minkoff, will travel to Tulsa to promote her spring line at Saks Fifth Avenue. As she meets with adoring fans throughout the area, one fact will be apparent: Minkoff has that ability.

Although Minkoff sits atop the world of elite designers, her passion for style was not birthed in a public showing, with millions of fans and admirers. Rather, her love for the craft began in her childhood home in San Diego, with simple fabric and an old sewing machine.

“When I was about 8, I wanted to buy this dress, and my mom wouldn’t buy it for me, but she said I’ll teach you how to sew,” recalls Minkoff. “I think that was the catalyst for my falling in love with design.”

Girls Night Out
Meet Rebecca Minkoff
Saks Fifth Avenue
Tues., April 16
6-8 p.m.
10% of event sales benefit
Tulsa Young Professionals
2013 community partner,
the Arts & Humanities Council of Tulsa.

Minkoff began making her own clothes and attended a performing arts high school, where her talent and interest in design grew exponentially. After high school, Minkoff decided to leave California and took an internship in New York City. Despite the competitive nature of the fashion industry in the Big Apple, Minkoff stood out, and in 2001 gained national recognition for an “I Love New York” t-shirt she designed. The design became popular and set the stage for the Morning After Bag she launched in 2005.

“I think (the ‘I Love New York’ design) was really important, not necessarily having anyone respect the design of it, but getting the name recognition out there,” says Minkoff.

The Morning After Bag quickly became a must-have for droves women around the country, including celebrities like Keira Knightley, Lauren Conrad, Reese Witherspoon and Halle Berry. She eventually built on this success and established an apparel design collection in 2009.

“I didn’t think that would ever happen,” said Minkoff. “Obviously I was positive about things, but so many things were once in a lifetime.”

Minkoff has come a long way since she first created dresses in her home as a child. In addition to her stores in Tokyo and Los Angeles, she plans to open another location in New York City toward the end of this year.

Minkoff’s rise to success has been ironed, pressed and threaded for excellence.

For this reason, when fans of hers observe either her designs or her story, their response is usually the same. “Amazing.”

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