Channeling Picasso

This charming cafe is a Paseo District haven for meat-lovers, vegetarians and lovers of local art.

Photo by Brent Fuchs
Photo by Brent Fuchs

Family and pet friendly, wine and brew friendly, and even vegan friendly, Picasso Cafe in the Paseo District of Oklahoma City offers a relaxing, colorful atmosphere that Pablo himself would push away from his table at 4 Gats in Barcelona to join. A late 1920s structure filled with natural light, dark wood, Spanish tiling and local artists, Picasso’s does what it sets out to do: foster, feed and water a community.

When it comes to the menu, chef Ryan Parrot, “Master and Commander” of the kitchen, consistently nails it. Having a 50 percent meat-based menu tied in with a 50 percent vegetarian offering, Parrot and crew deliver everything – from the house black (Angus) and blue burger, creative hand-tossed pizzas and salads to amazing flavors and familiar favorites from around the world, like the jackfruit tikka masala.

Picasso himself said,  “Give me a museum and I will fill it.” Picasso Cafe, in turn, says, “Give us a community and we will nurture it.” And that is exactly what Parrot and company do.

Visit for information on the joint’s monthly, five-course, veggie-and-wine dinner, slated next for April 17.