The invitation is the first impression guests have of your wedding day.

“It sets the stage and creates anticipation for your guests,” says Lisa Blinn, vice president of design for Crane Stationery. “And it can be an object a bride can treasure for all of her lifetime.”

Designers today are playing with a variety of sizes, colors and printing processes. 

“We are continually developing new wedding collections that honor both the traditional bride and the bride who wants to bring modern touches into her wedding,” she says.

Large, oversize rectangle or square invitations are a popular choice.

“The larger designs are quite exciting for guests to receive,” says Blinn. “They certainly stand out in their mailbox.”

Brides may choose from a variety of colors and printing processes within one invitation.

“Soft pinks are gorgeous when paired with golden metallic, teal and minty greens; navy blue paired with either greens or yellows or charcoal and pale, warm taupes is also nice,” offers Blinn.

“We’re also seeing more emphasis on rich printing processes, such as engraving and letterpress printing,” adds Blinn. “We even offer designs with mix printing processes on one invitation.”

Brides can also mix fonts to add unique interest.

“A continuing trend is the use of two to three different fonts within one invitation,” shares Blinn.

It usually takes more than one trip to a stationery store to decide on the right elements for your invitation, says Blinn.

“Allow yourself plenty of time to get exactly what you want,” offers Blinn.

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