New Genre Arts Festival XVIII
Thru March 19

Once a year, Living Arts of Tulsa sets a huge table for some of the most startling performances and art many people will ever see. All are invited. In a region where mainstream tastes prevail and tried-and-tested social engagements are the norm – gun and craft shows, anyone? – the annual venture into experimental beauty and creation breathes a life into Tulsa that both inspires and puzzles. New Genre Arts Festival XVIII continues through March 19 at Living Arts of Tulsa venues and other performance spaces around town. The festival resumes with the mysterious and expressive Butoh dance, light and sound art installations, the performance and multi-media study Under Polaris by Los Angeles’ Cloud Eye Control and the innovative group So Percussion. Many presenting artists will also conduct workshops scheduled throughout the festival. Festival passes, individual tickets and schedules are available at

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