Attorney and Director of Human Resources Operations, Chaparral Energy
Oklahoma City

King is a performer. Whether she’s acting onstage or in front of a camera, singing, dancing or socializing, she is always “on.” “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing with gusto and aplomb,” says King. As the director of HR Operations at Chaparral, King oversees all aspects of human resources management for the more than 800 employees at the energy company, including payroll, benefits, policies, performance management and compliance. Born to a British father, King enjoys proper football (what we know as soccer) and spends her free time coaching the sport. She is also a Sunday school teacher and serves on the board of UR Special Ministries, a nonprofit self-esteem based program that provides clothes to all the children under the poverty level in Edmond three times a year. And when she wants to unwind, this mother of one loves to sing while she cleans, play the piano and dance.

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