Ophthalmologist in private practice, Oklahoma City

What was your first fashion moment? In the fifth grade I wore a Don Johnson-style pastel blazer with a t-shirt. Not my proudest moment, but the first time I really thought about what I was wearing instead of just picking it up off the floor that morning.

What is your favorite article of clothing? I have a Burberry Prorsum topcoat that I rarely get to wear in Oklahoma because it’s seldom cold enough to need it.

What designers/stores do you admire most? I love Spencer Stone because it always feels like a well-curated collection of timeless, classy menswear. Mr. Ooley’s is, of course, a perennial favorite for high quality fashion. I shop a lot online to get ideas and inspiration.

What is your favorite accessory? Jewelry, in wretched excess.

When you want to look great with little effort, what’s your go-to outfit? Dark denim, fitted t-shirt, black patent shoes and no socks.

Do you prefer to dress up or dress down? I dress. I rarely think about whether I’m dressed up or down, but instead I want to be comfortable and a big part of that for me is feeling like I look put-together, relaxed, and in control of my destiny.

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