Vice President, Arvest Private Bank, Tulsa

Is there a fashion icon or someone whose style you admire most? My sense of style comes from a variety of influences, as far back as being a little boy looking at photos of my grandfather and his professional and conservative style, to observing my father’s sense of fashion with his business and casual attire.

What was your first fashion moment? When I was in a Youth Leadership event at the church I grew up in. I wore my first tuxedo. 

What is your favorite article of clothing? A sports jacket. I find it to be a very versatile additional to my wardrobe. It allows me to dress up or down, casual or business casual. 

What is your favorite accessory? A pocket square and/or a tie. Since I wear a suit or sports jacket five days out of the week, I find it to be a nice accessory to add individuality and uniqueness to any jacket or suit combination. 

When you want to look great with little effort, what’s your go-to outfit? My gray knit sports jacket from Banana Republic’s Heritage line with my dark denim jeans from Express and cordovan Hugo Boss dress shoes.  

Do you prefer to dress up or dress down? I prefer to dress up. Anyone who knows me certainly knows my affinity for suits. 

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