[dropcap]Everyone[/dropcap] has his or her own style. Whether it’s putting on the first thing you grab from your closet in the morning or constructing a thoughtful, carefully planned out wardrobe scheduled days in advance, your style defines how you are perceived by the world. This month, Oklahoma Magazine looks at 11 Oklahomans who take their style very seriously. Whether it’s a three-piece suit or jeans and a T-shirt, these people let the world know their personalities through their fashion choices. We talked to each of them, finding out what defines their style, their favorite (and least favorite) trends and how they use their clothing to speak to the world.

Personal style is a focus of our Luxury Lifestyle feature this month as well. Luxury items give Oklahomans an opportunity to add features and customize their homes, cars or vacations to suit them. Whether you’re looking for an elegant matte paint job or a once-in-a-lifetime trip into space, there are Oklahoma businesses that can make it happen.

Also in this issue is our annual Great Companies to Work For report, which looks at more than 100 companies in Oklahoma and explains what sets them apart from the pack.

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