[dropcap]Whether[/dropcap] you’re looking for a great sandwich or a place to have your car detailed, Oklahoma has many options … but which are the best? Fortunately, our readers have answered that question in our 18th edition of Oklahoma Magazine’s The Best of the Best.

Each year, thousands of our readers vote for The Best of the Best, creating a guide so you can find the best of what Oklahoma has to offer in seven different categories. Shopping, dining, services … no matter what you’re looking for, it’s here.

This issue also features our Luxury Home showcase, where we look at three different homes, designed and decorated to the owners’ exact specifications. From traditional homes created to fit in perfectly with neighborhoods built in the 1920s to dwelling spaces that utilize all the latest technology, we present some of the best architects, builders and designers in Oklahoma.

Finally, John Wooley takes a trip to downtown Tulsa to talk with Grammy-winning drummer David Teegarden and Teresa Knox, who are opening recording studios down the street from one another. Teegarden is moving his studio downtown, while Knox is renovating and reopening the historic Church Studio. Rather than viewing each other as competitors, the two are working together to grow the music industry in Tulsa.

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