Lives in Classen Glen, Oklahoma City


Why did you choose Classen Glen?

I remember the building as a teenager, and I always thought it was unique for Oklahoma City. The property is currently going through a major restoration, and there is an opportunity for the owners to participate in the style and selection process of many of the components and features of the property. Also, the affordability of the property and its practical features, including sub-level-gated parking, had a big influence.

Are there any drawbacks?

A drawback to living downtown is the lack of shopping, mainly for groceries, but other basic shopping, as well. Parking is a problem when you meet a large group of friends. 

What's your favorite thing about your apartment?

My favorite thing about my apartment is that it is mine. I own it and have had the opportunity to make it reflect my tastes and likes. It is nice to own a part of downtown, even if it is a very small piece.

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