CFO/Renaissance Man
Lives in The Mayo Hotel, Tulsa


What do you love most about living downtown?

The wonderful thing about living downtown is the nightlife, especially the nightlife being created in the Brady District. I love the galleries and restaurants and sitting in the stands at ONEOK Field watching the fireworks at the end of the game on the weekends. I can go eat at Juniper, then take in a great performance at the BOK Center or the PAC, and I can walk to all these places if I choose.

Why did you choose The Mayo?

In 2009, I was one of the first residents of The Mayo. I chose it because, really, it was the beginning of downtown living again. I like the concept of living downtown. For a young, single professional, it’s ideal. If I want to dinner but don’t want to cook, I can go downstairs and have a nice meal at Trula. If I want a coffee and peanut butter chocolate chip cookie in the morning, I can go to Topeca. Living in The Mayo offers the conveniences of living in an urban area like New York City, but in a much smaller city.

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