Owner of Royce Myers Art Ltd Gallery, Tulsa

Is there a fashion icon or someone whose style you admire most? My grandfather Lancaster always wore a freshly ironed white western shirt with pearl snap buttons, blue jeans, western boots and belt topped off with a white straw hat in the spring and summer and a felt Stetson in the fall and winter. It is a classic look.

What was your first fashion moment? I saved for months in high school to buy a white corduroy suit with big bell-bottoms, a silk Nik Nik shirt and blue platform shoes. The ‘70s were fun and the clothes were just ugly!

What is your favorite article of clothing? A vintage leather jacket I’ve had for 30 years.

What song best describes your fashion sense or sense of style? “Sunglasses At Night” by Corey Hart.
What is your favorite accessory? Native American jewelry and belt buckles.

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