2011 NCAA Basketball Championship: Rounds 2-3
March 18, 20

Thousands of college basketball fans are set to converge on T-Town for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championships, set for March 18 and 20 at the BOK Center. At this point, the big question is, “How is your bracket?” Bracketology, for those of us who live under a rock void of sports-specator weekends, is the fine process of team elimination for the purpose of predicting the winner of a sports tournament. In this case, a bracketologist fills in a bracket (which looks similar to a family tree) with the names of teams competing for the NCAA Basketball Champion. The bracketologist makes educated (or not) guesses as to which teams advance to the final game. Will Duke University’s Blue Devils make it to the top again? Will your bracket make you a champ or at least a little cash? Go to for tickets.

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